A Lucky Cat Art Exhibition Paris

50 Artists

Exhibition Production - Sid Lee Gallery

October 2018

A Lucky Cat Art Exhibition was first organized in 2017 at Gallery X, in Shibuya - Tokyo. For the second edition, and to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Franco-Japanese relationship, Sato brought the concept to Paris in collaboration with the creative agency Sid Lee.
We took over their gallery space with 50 artists (both French and Japanese) and invited them to collaborate together on the customization of a pair of Lucky Cats, raising either the right or left paw.
The selection of artists was a large panel of illustrators, photographers, fashion designer, painters... all coming from different creative environnements.

Sponsor | Posca
Supported by | Tokyo Urban Art, Asahi, LMDW, Enter Saké, Broken Eggs, Bon Temps Magazine, Say Who